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Movie Sketchbook - Poltergeist

Movie Sketchbook - Poltergeist

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We hate to see things go to waste.
So when Blockbuster (remember them?) was going out of business, we bought as many of the placeholder cards as we could. With a name like Sketchbook Central, I bet you can guess what we did with them.

That's right, SKETCHBOOKS!

These are plastic coil bound, layflat sketchbooks and are made with 40ish sheets (usually a couple more for good measure) of premium, smooth, 100% recycled, 105gsm paper that is acid free and a pleasure to draw and write on.  It happily accepts anything from pencil up to solvent* art markers. Sheet size - 5.5" x 8"

*Water based medium not recommended.

The cover is a genuine, licensed piece of movie history from the largest chain of video rental stores in the USA and they won't be making more.

100% hand made in the USA

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