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2008 Planner Sketchbook

2008 Planner Sketchbook

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Manchester United make history, Iron Man debuts in theaters, and this lovely little book springs to life to serve beauty upon the eye of its beholder.  Snatched from the bargain bin of a local bookshop, this 2008 planner has gorgeous end-papers and rounded corners to compliment its shape. 

Designed by an artist and built to last, this sketchbook's refillable design and rugged, open-and-close binding allows you to remove and restock pages making it virtually limitless.  

  • Crafted from US-made materials on US-made equipment
  • Opens flat, or folds completely around
  • 50 sheets of 271 GSM (100#) cover
  • Approximate page size 11.75" x 6.25"
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