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Old Book Sketchbooks

Old books are fun. You can learn many old and exciting things like "one day man may walk on the surface of the moon" or "every family will have a sky car". With all of the nostalgia, quirky fun and awesome design of old books, it's sad that many have outlived their original usefulness. I can't let them go to waste so I recycle them into something that will be enjoyed, kept and cherished.

The covers are from reclaimed books that were no longer good as books from either being outdated, damaged or unloved. I rescue the covers, store the innards for future fun and get to turning them into fun sketchbooks.

The paper is super smooth but not coated or anything that will get in the way of actually drawing on it. In fact it's some of the finest paper for sketching (and erasing), inking and marker that I think you'll ever find. Acid free, bright white and partially recycled.

The binding is a patented nylon over steel cable with a steel ball and socket closure. This binding will not open unless you want it to. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can open the binding to remove pages for scanning, coloring etc and stil be able to put them back in?
The hole pattern is standard 3 hole so you can archive completed pages in any standard binder if you wish and refill your sketchbook with fresh new paper. (I sell refills by the way, just use the included reorder sheet)
There is also a clear "bleed-pruf" sheet that is specially scored so that you can move it behind a page before coloring with markers or doing any heavy washes to protect the next sheet.
The whole book is held shut with a handy elastic strap and the binding is reinforced with brass grommets.

My sketchbooks are built to last you years. Lots of 'em.

Sometimes, I can even keep some of the original pages and interleave them in the book.
If you see a book and want me to sketchbook it up and keep pages, feel free to send it to me.

I really respect old books and I like to be able to pass some of them along in a way that people
will continue to treasure.

These books are available to be custom made into sketchbooks.

Pick a paper, cardstock or combination. I build them to order.

Click play to view the slideshow or head over to my picasa page to see them in any order.


Select paper options below.


Pick Your Paper Stock

Luck of the Draw
$25 Shipped

I've got alot of sketchbooks that I haven't put up for sale yet. I'll pick one at random and send it to you. Great if you don't care what's on the cover and want to save a few dollars on a quality sketchbook.

I also have several completed books for sale on my Etsy page.

Check them out >> HERE <<

Neko Heavy Industries

Furry Sketchbooks

furry sketchbook cover - example furry sketchbook inside - example 1
furry sketchbook inside - example 2

This one in particular is covered with a fun giraffe faux fur. It's soft and fuzzy and certainly lets everyone know who's sketchbook is yours. Or that you like giraffes. Or that you like to pretend that you dislike giraffes enough to skin them and make a sketchbook.

My sketchbooks share all of the attributes of the Detroit Sketchbook Co. books but are covered in fake fur (don't worry though, we work together).

I can cover a book in pretty much any kind of fake fur, fleece or heavy weight fabric. I'll have some pictures up soon. Until then or for any information on any of the sketchbooks on this page just ask.

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